Welcome Travel Lovers!

This site is for anyone who loves traveling and wants to travel overseas.  However, information here might be more useful for those who meet the following criteria:

  • Female
  • Food lovers
  • Free Independent Travelers
  • Frugal but needing comfort and security

I believe that everyone has a different travel style.  Some people rather enjoy the luxury during their trip.  Some people do not mind sleeping at a station or airport.  Some people cannot travel without a company.  My travel style might not be a perfect fit for you.  However, I am hoping that a piece of information here will be of some help for you to make your own journey.


I have a great passion for traveling.  Some people may say that they are satisfied with just seeing pictures of a foreign country and reading a book about its culture instead of actually being there.  I say: It is different!  An actual experience of being there is totally different from just seeing its pictures.  For example, I was amazed at how huge Ayers Rock (a.k.a Uluru) is.  I felt as though I were in outer space although I have never been to outer space.  I would never get such a feeling just by seeing the picture of Ayers Rock.  I heard crazy horn honking at the first night of India.  My tears and sweats ran when I had a delicious but extremely spicy noodle soup in Thailand.  A small talk on flight, on a street, and at a restaurant has brought me an insightful lesson of a life with laugher.  All those experiences cannot be obtained from just reading books. 


Traveling is so much fun!  Just step outside and enjoy this blue planet in your own way!   


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